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Kamloops - Seen In A New Light

Last Thursday, over 20 photographers hit the streets of Kamloops with the intent of capturing something a little different.  Different in the sense of seeing how the mood of our city changes once daytime disappears.  What do those familiar places look like when darkness descends?  The places you drive by every day.  The stores and buildings that are so familiar you probably don't even notice them anymore.  What happens to and about them once most people are home for the night?  The answer was actually quite surprising.

The dark alleyways that at first glance appear unwelcoming and dangerous are in fact alive with a unique and special character that you would never experience during the day.

Photo by Bob Lewis                                                                                       


Photo by Bill McQuarrie

In some cases the congested lanes you see during the day look more like movie sets at night.  Businesses that are closed and waiting for the next morning, take on a whole new personality and in many cases, store fronts become an artfully designed stage, a setting for another type of show with a very unique audience.

Photo By Nat Anfield

Photo By Gary Ridsdale

And the people?  They were enjoying the night.  Everyone we met had a story but what really separated them from day people is they all had the time and desire to tell us that story.

 Photo By Nat Anfield                                                                                                                                                      


Photo By Gary Ridsdale


But what about the city itself?  Well, as we all discovered, it was a very different city at night.  A place of colours, lights, shadows and movement that even when experienced on a winter's night, seemed warm and inviting.

Photo By Bob Lewis

Photo By Gary Ridsdale

Photo By Chun On Lam                                                                                                                                 


Photo By Bob McCuaig

Art was everywhere.  In some places you had to look for it but in others, it jumped out at you, smacked you in the face, made you smile and made you realize just how much work and caring has gone into creating pleasant surprises for those willing to look.

Photo By Bob McCuaig


Photo By Bill McQuarrie

We spent an hour or two on a Thursday night exploring just a few blocks of downtown Kamloops.  A mix of photographers that included those new to the world of image making as well as the experienced professional and here's just a small sample of some who were out on the street with us.







When the evening came to a close, I think we all agreed that night is no excuse for not taking pictures.  Matter of fact in some ways it might even be a better time.  There were hundreds of photos taken that night and I hope to post a few more over the weeks to come.  In the meantime, thank you to everyone who participated.