Having Some Fun With Photoshop

It's called the Dispersion Effect and if you want to try something different with your images, give this one a go.

I selected this training video by Eric Schaap as there's no voice over…just text added to the video demonstration that describes what to do next and that made it super easy to follow.  Stop - try - start again - retry.  I'd simply stop the video when the text appeared, read the instructions and give that part a try.  

It's a really cool technique, doesn't take a whole bunch of Photoshop knowledge (thanks to the text idea) and the results can be spectacular.  Think of an image that would make your FaceBook page pop.  Or use it as the cover page to a portfolio.  Or?  Definitely all kinds of possibilities and it will really draw attention to your images!

And speaking of Facebook, when you've tried this on one of your images, post it on our FB page http://tinyurl.com/n8xdoua and we'll show it to our audience….Our weekly views have been as high as 20,000 and average in the 13,000 range, so a few people will see your work.  But mostly just have some fun with this!  And by the way, Eric isn't selling anything, so just enjoy and learn.


Bill McQuarrie
Bill McQuarrie


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