About Us

I’ve been a photographer for more years then I want to count but for the past ten I’ve become increasingly involved in the printing of large format, fine art photographs and digital art.  It’s one of those fortunate coincidences where doing what you love also happens to be your business and how cool is that!   


Coming into our office/studio every morning really isn’t what I consider to be “work”.  I get to meet amazing photograpehrs, work on their ideas and images and help create something unique and special. 


I'm often asked if there is a secret to making great and sometimes breathtaking images and yes there is.  That secret may surprise you though as it's more about people then it is about technology, paper and ink.  You see, every image we print is actually the result of a creative partnership between photographer and printer.  Keeping an open mind, communicating, testing, trying, figuring things out.  We know how much work you put into making that image and the process doesn't stop until we've made a print that matches your original concept.  That's where the magic happens and how can I not want to come in every day and be a part of making that happen. 


Our Place

RGB Image Masters
340 12th Ave
Kamloops, BC,  V2C 3Y5 
(250) 320-1713




Our Equipment  

All of our printers are Epson and we have a couple of 4900’s that can handle 17” wide rolls or anything up to 22 inches on sheet fed.  For the big stuff we have the 11880 and that one can work on prints up to 62” wide by…well…by as long as our rolls which run from 50 to 100 feet in length. 


Our Inks 

We use Epson’s UltraCrome K3 ink technology, producing archival prints with amazing colour fidelity.  Incorporating high-density pigments, these K3 inks produce prints with an extremely wide colour gamut, allowing for the most accurate reproduction of those colours you originally envisioned when you took that picture.


Our Papers & Canvases 

We carry a huge and amazingly diverse inventory of papers and canvas including:  Epson’s Signature Worthy series:  Hahnemuhle’s nature series papers such, Sugar Cane and Bamboo:  And what printer doesn’t carry a good selection of Moab papers?



Our Guarantee

You put a lot of time, effort and feeling into creating that image and you deserve the same kind of effort and expertise from us.  So our Guarantee is pretty simple and straightforward:  If you don’t like what we've printed for you then we do it again until you do.  We respect your work and want the print to reflect your vision.