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Compositing Frizzy & Fuzzy Hair

May 07, 2014

Groan…You want to change the background but your subject has really fuzzy hair?  Well groan no more as I've finally found a video that is straight forward and mostly mumble jumble free, although some basic understanding of Photoshop is helpful.  Two techniques are used, one for those who haven't upgraded to at least CS5 and the other for those with CS5, CS6 or CC.  The video will take you through the process in about 17 minutes and you can even download a copy of the image file being used.  I watched it twice, using the sample file, it worked and it took the mystery out of making this kind of extraction.  Give it a try, have some fun!

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Long Ex Night - Behind The Scenes

February 28, 2014

Over 20 photographers got together last night for our first informal street shoot.  We kept our promise to keep it relaxed, fun, unorganized and pretty much unstructured and it seemed to work.  Matter of fact, already starting to see some images being posted and the quality of those shots would seem to confirm that the night was working well at all levels. We'll have another blog post up this weekend featuring some of those images but for now I wanted to give you a sense of the evening and the fun everyone was having by posting a few behind the scenes know...the ones of the shooters shooting.  I think you'll see by the smiles that we'll have to do...

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What Does National Geo Want From A Photographer

February 24, 2014

You may be expecting a lengthy check list full of do this and don't do that but National Geo photo editor Susan Welchman gives you some concise advice on what she’s looking for from her photographers.

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